re-wiring the brain with art

re-wiring the brain with art

How Art Can Help With Depression And Anxiety

Can Getting Creative Help Our Thought Processes?

Have you ever felt a need to quieten your brain, to switch off from negative and harmful thought processes? Probably we all have at some time in our lives. Can creating art help us to control our thought processes?

Neuroplasticity refers to your brain's ability to restructure or re-wire itself when it recognises the need for adaption. in other words, it can continue developing and changing throughout life.

The negative thought patterns that occur with depression could result from interrupted or impaired neuroplasticity processes. Exercises can help to re-wire these patterns to improve well-being.

Creating art is not the only way to re-wire the brain - it is just one of many, such as learning a new language for example, or playing computer games. There is plenty of evidence that these activities improve cognitive function. Studies have shown the brain can even change physically - after a long period of intensive studying there can be an increase in the density of grey matter in the brain. Increase in grey matter can help with memory and emotions and offers protection against cognitive decline. 

White matter can also increase after a period of intense study or creativity. This can result in greater creative thinking skills, better concentration and an increased ability to multi-task.

Creating art can help you see the world in a new, unique way. Start painting the landscape and you will see things you may be would not have noticed in the past. A dramatic sky, for example. Most of us do not look up when we are outside, but a painter of skies will, and that interesting cloud formation will be remembered and come out on the canvas in the following days.

Creating art can help create new pathways and strengthen existing connections in your brain. You don’t have to create a masterpiece, even simple sketching can be beneficial. Switching off from our day to day life can allow the brain to briefly un-focus, which can help us to find new solutions to problems and improve creativity.

With a little time and patience we can re-wire our brain - regardless of our age, which can help with mental health issues and protect us against cognitive decline.

Keep painting, keep creative and keep well.



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