Helen Stamp is a contemporary landscape painter capturing the rustic beauty of our countryside and coastline.

The feel of a place is more important than an exact representation, and I try express my fascination for nature and the landscape through my art by capturing onto the canvas the atmosphere, the light and the weather. Art, like nature itself, should uplift our heart and soothe our soul.


Original paintings now available at North Farm Gallery, St Martins, Isles of Scilly

  • Siwan

    "Beautiful art. Can't stop buying it!!!"

  • Paul

    "Outstanding, great painting, very happy to exhibit it in my home."

  • Bruno

    "Very sensitive and smooth painting"

Meet Helen

Helen's contemporary landscapes and seascapes epitomise a profound respect and awe for the beauty ever present in the landscape and nature.

Helen lives in Devon, England, where she can often be seen walking and photographing the moors and coast near her home.

"I want to capture the mood of the landscape and hope the viewer feels it too. I hope that, when you view my art, you can feel the mud beneath your boots and hear the crows calling to each other across the winter sky or can smell the grass in a summer meadow."

If you are not entirely happy with your artwork a full refund will be arranged. I really appreciate it when happy customers give me a good testimonial - and send me a photo of your new artwork in your home. Thank you for stopping by.

All artwork will be posted with tracking. Please allow 14 days for your artwork to arrive.

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