original oil on canvas landscape painting art

Connecting with nature through art

  • People who connect with nature tend to be happier people.

Getting out in nature regularly helps us to form a close attachment to our natural surroundings and can generate positive emotions such as calmness, joy and creativity and lessen feelings of depression and anxiety.


When we hear birdsong, smell the flowers or feel the soil between our fingers when gardening, we are connecting with nature in a highly sensual way. Spending time in the countryside, our garden or our local park can act as a balm for our busy brains, triggering a physiological response that lowers stress levels; so a walk in the country improves our physical and mental health.


In the modern world we cannot always be in nature; we have to spend endless hours in our homes and offices. That is why we put art in our internal spaces. When we cannot get outside, looking at a landscape painting can be beneficial for our well-being. The sense of connection we have with the natural world contributes to our happiness even when we are not physically immersed in nature.


When we view landscapes and seascapes, we are calming ourselves and lifting our spirits - until we can get out in green spaces again.


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original oil on canvas landscape painting art

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